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Who We are


GAP srl is on the market as a leading company in the field of carpentry and construction of plants for different industries “Division industrial plants”, both in the field of anti- corrosion coatings, blasting, civil and industrial painting “Corrosion protection division”, ensuring competence, quality standards and delivery times.
GAP srl, is a consolidated reality in the field, to perform any kind of treatment both in shop and on site, distinguishing feature with the help of staff and specialized equipment that give us the possibility to prepare construction sites in every situation.

Our Focus

Customer satisfaction that needs to be achieved and monitored with:


  • Personal Training

  • Technical and professional workmanship

  • Optimize and profitability of resources
  • Respect for environmental and workplace safety laws 

  • Keeping and Improving Your Goals


Process Simplification
Building Management
Painting Management
Jobs On Site


Marcello Paparo

Sales Manager

Riccardo Madini

Production Manager

Antony Lozza

General Manager

Marco De Angelis